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2020 Gift Guide for Him

I like to pride myself on being a great gift-giver. It may seem shallow at first, but I love remembering when someone talks about something they are really interested in, then seeing an item that connects back to that months later, and surprising them with that gift. I also love solving problems, and buying people presents that are going to make their lives easier and better 🙂

That being said, a lot of these gifts are actual gifts I’ve bought my boyfriend and I think would make a great gift for any guy in your life – boyfriends, brothers, dads – and they will absolutely love them!

  1. Ticket Stub Diary
    This falls into that “solving a problem” category I mentioned above. My boyfriend has insisted on saving every single concert, sporting event, and (randomly) movie ticket since what seems like forever, judging by the size of his collection. Enter – the perfect gift to organize it all! This diary has spots for each ticket and a little place to write something about the event. It’s a great idea for the guy in your life that is a liiiiiitle bit of a pack rat 😉 
  2. West Coast Style IPA Beer Brewing Kit
    Over the past five or so years, my dad has gotten really into home brewing and bartending. Making your own beer is a great way to turn a passion into an active hobby and add in that little extra sense of accomplishment! If beer isn’t their thing, no worries – there are plenty of kits for wine making and even kombucha if they aren’t a big drinker! 
  3. Beautycounter Counterman Fresh Essentials
    How is it that every man I know can wake up in the morning, splash water on their face, and their skin looks better than mine after my ten step routine?! It’s not fair! But you can help encourage some better habits with this kit which features a shampoo, charcoal body wash, and deodorant. The best part? All Beautycounter’s products are clean and non-toxic!  
  4. Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest
    I got Rob this exact vest for Christmas last year and he loves it and wears it all the time! The material is super thin, but keeps you warm (I have the women’s version in black!) and you can’t beat the price. It also comes with a little bag so you can fold the vest up super small and throw it in a backpack or carry-on! 
  5. Bombas Cushioned No Show Socks
    You’re probably thinking “socks? really?!” but trust me here. Bombas are the BEST socks out there, especially these no shows which are great for working out in or even if the man in your life is a big sneaker or boat shoe fan, I can’t recommend these enough! They never slip and are so comfortable. I have several pairs myself! 
  6. Fossil Ward Card Case
    Rob loves carrying around a card case style wallet because they are thinner and most men only carry the essentials anyway. I love these card cases from Fossil because they are a great quality at an accessible price point, and you can personalize them for a little extra pizzazz!  
  7. Apple Watch
    This is on Rob’s wishlist this year and maybe if he’s nice, Santa will bring it 😉 I think anyone on your list who loves being active will love this gift!  
  8. Madewell Wool Cuffed Beanie
    Everyone needs a good winter hat, and I love this classic one from Madewell! It’s simple, yet super stylish, and I could totally see myself stealing it!  
  9. L.L. Bean Wicked Good Original Moccasin Slipper
    These slippers are so comfortable and Rob has gone through several pairs throughout his life! If you’re looking for a quality slipper, these ones are great for the man in your life! I think they’d make a great gift for fathers, since they are on the pricier side but would make a great and thoughtful gift. 
  10. Baseball Park Map Pint Glasses
    If someone in your life is a sports fan, this would be such a cool gift! I love it because it has that personal touch. These plus a six-pack of a fun local beer would be a great gift for your brother or uncle! 

I hope this gift guide gave you some inspiration for the men in your life! I know it can be hard to shop for them, especially because whenever I ask what my boyfriend or dad wants, they say “I don’t care” which is SO not helpful, LOL! As always, let me know if you have any questions or feedback on this gift guide, I love making them and I hope it’s helpful to get some ideas!

Some links in this post are affiliate links, meaning I earn a small commission if someone purchases the linked item, at no extra cost to you! I would never post an item that I don’t genuinely love and recommend. Thank you as always for your support! 

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